Walking Jill down the aisle was a very special moment that Thor will cherish forever. It was a wonderful day with family and friends to celebrate this joyous event.

Working in the new joint venture with Shell and Texaco is a continuing challenge as cultural differences between the two companies are barriers to overcome. In 1999, the strategy was to capture "synergies" with the combined companies and significant progress was made in this area. Thor plans to work 1-2 more years before retirement and is looking forward to new lifestyle, although the "details" have yet to be worked out.

In the Spring, friends from Iowa State met in Houston for a trip to Big Bend National Park for hiking and a raft trip down the Rio Grande. It was a great reunion which has become a bi-annual affair. After the wedding, Thor and Karen vacationed in California at the Miramar in Santa Barbara were Thor met with high school friends for boogie boarding and reviewing the "good old days". Thor was also able to get in some back packing in the Sierras which included a hike to Caltech Peak (elev. 13,832 feet).  This was the 35th year after his graduation from Caltech and he had previously hiked there on his year of graduation (1964) and the 25th year; this trip verified the fact that the Sierras are a young mountain range and still growing as Caltech Peak was clearly much higher this year!!  

Good old boys boogie boarding in Santa Barbara

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